Award for Best Film Editing 2016-2017 - Oscar Nominations 2017

Award for Best Film Editing 2016-2017 - Oscar Nominations 2017 : Are you looking for the 89th Academy awards for the 89th OSCAR nominations 2017.There you can see the predictions and nominations by January to December with collections and box office hits and gross and share collected and the ratings and awards collected by Best Film Editing 2016-2017 with maximum users vote in the year 2017 for predicting and choosing the Award for best Film Editing 2017.😋😉

Oscar Nominations 2017


“Arrival” – That goes with Joe Walker
“La La Land” – That goes with Tom Cross
“Manchester by the Sea” – That goes with Jennifer Lame
“Moonlight” – That goes with Joi McMillon, Nat Sanders
“Hacksaw Ridge” – That goes with John Gilbert

While above five for the best prediction made by the universe as well as we shall look what goes with the next level top 5.


“Sully” – That goes with Blu Murray
“Fences” – That goes with Hughes Winborne
“Hell or High Water” – That goes with Jake Roberts
“Silence” – That goes with Thelma Schoonmaker
“Lion” – That goes with Alexandre de Francheschi

Most of the above pedictions are depends on gross collections as well as the rating voted for the movies for various category and top 10 contenders are listed below. 


“Loving” – That goes with Julie Monroe
“Hidden Figures” – That goes with Peter Teschner
“Patriots Day” – That goes with Colby Parker, Jr.
“Jackie” – That goes with Sebastián Sepúlveda
“Rogue One: That goes with A Star Wars Story” – Jabez Olssen
“20th Century Women” – That goes with Leslie Jones
“Miss Sloane” – That goes with Alexander Berner“The Lobster” – Yorgos Mavropsaridis
“Live By Night” – That goes with William Goldenberg
“The Jungle Book” – That goes with Mark Livolsi

Wow.!! The predictions for the Film edicting categories getting more and more intersting Right.?
Well we shall take a look that were also in contention.


“Captain America: Civil War” – That goes with Jeffrey Ford & Matthew Schmidt
“Nocturnal Animals” –That goes with  Joan Sobel
“A Monster Calls” – That goes with Jaume Marti, Bernat Vilaplana
“Florence Foster Jenkins” – That goes with Valerio Bonelli
“Deepwater Horizon” – That goes with Gabriel Fleming, Colby Parker, Jr.
“Rules Don’t Apply” – That goes with Robin Gonsaleves, Leslie Jones, Brian Scofield, Billy Weber
“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” – That goes with Tim Squyre
“Captain Fantastic” – That goes with Joseph Krings
“Allied” – That goes with Jeremiah O’Driscoll
“The Birth of a Nation” – That goes with Steven Rosenblum


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