Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Oscar Nominations 2017

  1. Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role 2017 - Oscar Predictions and  Nominations 2017 : Are you looking for the 89th Academy awards for the 89th OSCAR nominations 2017.There you can see the predictions and nominations by January to December with collections and box office hits and gross and share collected and the ratings and awards collected by Actor in a Supporting Role 2016 with maximum users vote in the year 2017 for predicting and choosing the Award for best Actor in a Supporting Role 2016.

Oscar Nominations 2017

 THE PREDICTED NOMINEES ARE : As Per Reports collected from Various Sources

  1. Mahershala Ali – Best Predicted as “Moonlight“
  2. Michael Shannon – Best Predicted as “Nocturnal Animals“
  3. Hugh Grant – Best Predicted as “Florence Foster Jenkins“
  4. Dev Patel – Best Predicted as “Lion“
  5. Ben Foster – Best Predicted as “Hell or High Water“
  6. THE NEXT FIVE- Best Predicted as for Same 
  7. Jeff Bridges –Best Predicted as “Hell or High Water“
  8. Mykelti Williamson –Best Predicted as “Fences“
  9. Lucas Hedges –Best Predicted as “Manchester by the Sea“
  10. Issey Ogata – Best Predicted as“Silence”
  11. Liam Neeson – Best Predicted as“Silence”

Emanation at Sundance was Wes Anderson discovery Lucas Hedges for his routine in Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea. Apparently,As Patrick, Hedges switches on a dime from a son mourning his father (Kyle Chandler) and tussling with his uncle Known by Casey Affleck about his future to flirting with high school girls. In fact,the A star is born.

OTHER TOP-TIER CONTENDERS : As Per Reports collected from Various Sources

  1. Kevin Costner – Best Predicted as“Hidden Figures”
  2. Aaron Eckhart – Best Predicted as“Sully“
  3. Peter Sarsgaard – Best Predicted as“Jackie“
  4. Adam Driver –Best Predicted as “Silence”(Sounds very much chance for the Award for this one right)?
  5. Stephen McKinley Henderson – Best Predicted as“Fences“
  6. Alan Rickman – Best Predicted as“Eye in the Sky“
  7. Ralph Fiennes –Best Predicted as “A Bigger Splash“
  8. Jovan Adepo – Best Predicted as“Fences“(Sounds very much chance for the Award for this one right)?
  9. Trevante Rhodes – Best Predicted as“Moonlight“
  10. Andre Holland – Best Predicted as“Moonlight“

ALSO IN CONTENTION : As Per Reports collected from Various Sources

  1. David Oyelowo – Best Predicted as goes for "Queen of Katwe“
  2. John Goodman – Best Predicted as goes for “10 Cloverfield Lane“
  3. John Goodman – Best Predicted as goes for  “Patriots Day”
  4. Craig Robinson – Best Predicted as goes for “Morris from America“
  5. Tom Bennett – Best Predicted as goes for “Love & Friendship”
  6. Chris Messina – Best Predicted as goes for “Live By Night”
  7. Aaron Eckhart – Best Predicted as goes for “Bleed for This“
  8. Alden Ehrenreich – Best Predicted as goes for “Hail, Caesar!“
  9. Timothy Spall –Best Predicted as goes for  “Denial”
  10. Tadanobu Asano – Best Predicted as goes for “Silence”

Countless felt that movie named “The Birth of A Nation” staring Armie Hammer got disparaged for his dual ceremony as the Winklevoss twins in the best movie played on 2016 as“The Social Network” and his supporting role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in  “J. Edgar,” but his disparaged as Nat Turner’s and more conflicted owner may get overlooked if too many Academy members snub the film, which is tainted by director-star Nate Parker’s college rape scandal.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES : As Per Reports collected from Various Sources

  1. Edward Norton – Best Predicted as goes for “Collateral Beauty”
  2. Billy Crudup – Best Predicted as goes for “20th Century Women“
  3. Armie Hammer – Best Predicted as goes for “The Birth of a Nation“
  4. Danny DeVito – Best Predicted as goes for “The Comedian”
  5. Lucas Jade Zumann – Best Predicted as goes for “20th Century Women“
  6. John Legend – Best Predicted as goes for “La La Land“
  7. Kyle Chandler – Best Predicted as goes for “Manchester by the Sea“
  8. Woody Harrelson – Best Predicted as goes for “The Edge of Seventeen”
  9. Tracy Letts –Best Predicted as goes for  “Indignation“
  10. Eddie Murphy – Best Predicted as goes for “Mr. Church”


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