Legit Credit Repair Companies

Legit Credit Repair Companies are hard to find. For each of the legit credit repair companies  that exists, there are hundreds of illegitimate, illegal and unethical companies that promise magical solutions to people who need to repair their credit.

Beware any credit repair company that makes any of the following claims:

  • We can erase your bad credit!
  • We guarantee we can erase your bad credit!
  • Bankruptcy? Tax liens? Bad Loans? We can remove anything from your credit report!
  • Credit a legal new credit identity.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you avoid any company that makes these claims; they're untrue and impossible to accomplish.

There is no legal way to remove accurate negative credit information from your credit report.

If you have a bad credit or a bad credit score, there are many options to improve your credit. A legit credit repair company is certainly an option for credit repair.

Identifying legit credit repair companies and recognizing scams

One of the best ways to identify a legit credit repair company is to know what a credit repair scam looks like. The FTC has a great resource on credit repair scams but here's a summary of what the bad guys do:

  • Ask you to pay for credit repair services before your credit is repaired. Legit credit repair companies ask for payment after they've repaired your credit.
  • Tell you can't fix your credit for free.
  • Tell you not to contact Experian, Equifax or TransUnion, the big three credit reporting companies
  • Tell you they can delete bad credit information from your credit report, true or not.
  • Tell you to create a new identity with a new Social Security or new Employer Identification Number
  • Tell you to dispute every bad item on your credit report

Purposefully lying to get a loan is fraud, which is a crime. Don't do it.

Legit credit repair companies do none of the things listed above.