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The process of applying for and receiving of a credit card can be pretty tough and time-consuming. You are asked to fill a bunch of forms, to provide the information and to wait for a long time until you are notified about the decision. Capital One bank has decided to make this process more accessible for all the American citizens who wish to apply for a high-end credit card. The primary requirements for the participants are that they have to be of 18 years or older, have an excellent credit card history and possess application.capitalone.com reservation code and access code. What are these things?

It all can be explained by the fact that this is all the part of a promotional campaign launched by Capital One. The program is called Get My Offer, and it was created in order to give people the chance to apply for a beneficial credit card they would enjoy using.

The rules of Get My Offer program state that you have to receive an offer letter via mail. Once the letter is received, you can open it and read all the information it contains. Although, it is not that necessary, because all you need is reservation number and access code shown at the bottom portion of the offer letter. These numbers must appear together, and you will need them during the process of applying for a credit card issued by Capital One bank.

The application is to be filled and submitted at the application website. You need to enter reservation number and access code you have, then fill in some personal information and submit the application. You will obtain a reply in a minute, and after that, you will know whether you are qualified for receiving Capital One credit card and which type of a credit card you can choose.