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Magazine “Business” ranks successful financial companies and rewards them in different nominations. Credit Agricole Bank can boast third consecutive award in nomination «SME Backbone»...n apartment, a car, a phone, and even in some cases, a job. Our credit rating is essentially the gauge society uses to determine our credibility. While, it may not always be an accurate indicator of overall financial reliability, it is the system we have in place, and to ignore it is foolish. Bad credit offers a whole host of fees and additional charges that go with it. This can make the hole one is in feel even deeper.

With the chill in the air, you no longer want to spend every moment outdoors. That makes fall the perfect time to come inside and take stock of your finances. Get in the habit of doing these things each year around the same time and you’ll see a big improvement in your financial stability.

Tax Planning

Today, credit is far more important than ever. Lenders are known for checking credit, but a person’s overall credit history might be used for rental agreements, credit offers and several other purposes.

Even employers have started qualifying candidates based on their credit history. For quite some time, lenders have always checked whether potential borrowers pay their bills on time.

However, these days, lenders are diving even deeper into the credit rabbit hole and actually looking at how potential borrowers pay their bills.

The rising cost of medical coverage is something that many people in the United States are having trouble dealing with. Even though health insurance is available, many times people are still left with a large bill after a hospital stay. There are a lot of ways in which medical debt can hurt a person's financial future. Not only is it expensive, but it also can hurt the credit of a person that cannot make the payments on time.

Student loans are one of the fastest growing forms of debt in the United States today. With the rising cost of college, many people are having to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay for school. Although some students land jobs after graduation, there are also some that have issues finding employment where they make enough money to pay for their student loans. Many students are left with loan payments that are too big for them to bear the burden of over the long term. This results in many students missing loan payments or going into default on their loans.

In the wake of the dual 2008 housing and banking crisis, the majority of United States citizens made a concerted effort to save more and spend less. This attitude was reflected in the financial statistics of the time period between 2008 and 2013. Economists marveled at the percentage of total income that most Americans were able to save throughout that time period, even as many of them decried the practice as somehow stopping the economy.

The decision to get married is a major one and can affect many areas in a person's life, including the financial areas. While getting married can and does affect credit, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding how. Below are some of the ways that marriage can have an impact on someone’s credit. This information can be used to protect a good credit score and for learning how a married couple can build credit.

The Impact of Marriage on Credit History

For many people with bad or no credit, finding an apartment or other place for rent can become difficult. Even if a potential tenant shows up with cash, the property owner will still most likely run a credit check.

That credit check can ruin what was otherwise a good proposition. But there's hope for those with bad credit. It's still possible to rent a nice apartment; it just may require a little extra effort.

1. Check the Credit Report

Starting or going back to school can be expensive — the average shopping expenditure associated with commencing studies at or returning to an educational institution averages $630 per student per school year. From school supplies to home/dorm work station expenses to computer- and software-related costs, students face expenditures that are often hard to avoid when it's time to start or return to school.

You can’t go to court over a bad credit score. You won’t go to jail over a bad credit score. But having a bad credit score limits you in many ways, so being in credit trouble might feel as bad as if you were in legal trouble.

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