Getting Medical Debt Off Your Credit Report

The rising cost of medical coverage is something that many people in the United States are having trouble dealing with. Even though health insurance is available, many times people are still left with a large bill after a hospital stay. There are a lot of ways in which medical debt can hurt a person's financial future. Not only is it expensive, but it also can hurt the credit of a person that cannot make the payments on time. If you have are having trouble making payments on your medical debt or have had trouble in the past, it is important that you work to get medical debt off of your credit report. Here are several guidelines for anyone that is dealing with old medical debt hurting their credit.

What is A Credit Score?

The credit score is one of the most important financial measures that a person has. A credit score essentially tells lending institutions how creditworthy you are. There are various ways in which you can build credit, but it generally comes down to borrowing money and then paying it back. Any time you borrow money and do not make payments on time, this can hurt your credit as well. If you are younger, you will generally not have a lot of credit history built up. This can make it difficult to recover from a medical debt that you are having trouble repaying. The longer your credit history, the less one incident will hurt you. However, at the end of the day it is important to get bad debt off of your credit report quickly.

Finding the Bad Debt

Everyone in the United States is entitled to a free credit check every year. It is important that you take advantage of this if you are struggling or have struggled to pay off a debt. A credit check will show all of your current and past debt history. If you are struggling to pay something off, it will be noted in this report. The first step in cleaning up your credit report is to find the debts that are hurting you. Many people have outstanding debts that they do not know about, and these can cause a lot of long term damage for no reason. Always be sure to do an annual check on your credit just so you are clear about what debts are hurting your credit score. If the debt is current, work to get your payments up to date. However, if this is a bad debt from the past you have several other options.

Settle Debt

One of the options that you have is to settle the debt in question. Once a bill has gone past collections, a company will generally treat the money as almost gone. However, if you go to the company and offer twenty cents on the dollar, that may seem like a good deal to them and they may accept. Although this is not ideal, it is much better than letting an old debt hang out on your credit report while damaging your credit. Although settling a debt will hurt your credit in the short term, over the long term you will be much better off for doing this. With anything credit related, time tends to heal a lot of credit scores. Even if you have made financial mistakes in the past, work today to start building your credit back up. Most people can completely clean up their credit within a couple of years of having a major incident. One bad medical bill is not a huge issue to recover from.

Medical Debt

One of the biggest debts that many people struggle to deal with is medical debt. This comes up anytime a person goes to the doctor and they do not have the money to pay for the services. With the rising cost of medical coverage in the United States, it is no wonder that many people struggle to pay their bills in this area. Medical debt is tricky because a lot of the billing and collections goes through an insurance company rather than the hospital. If you have a medical debt from your past, it is important to get in touch with the people that are actually billing you. If the debt is still active, you can still settle on the debt to get it off of your radar. However, if the collections company has essentially closed on the account this transaction may be hurting your credit severely. The good news is that there are still options available for people that have bad medical debt on their record.

Credit Repair Companies

There are many companies in the credit repair space that work to help people clean up past debts. There are millions of people in the United States that have struggled to pay off a medical bill at some point in their life. It is important to not get frustrated or upset during the process of trying to clean up an old debt. A credit repair company will help you in contacting the various different agencies to get the debt cleaned up. A good credit repair company has many years of experiences in the field, and they can say the right things to collections companies to get the debts cleaned up. Always be sure that you do some research on the front end so that you choose a reputable company to work with.


Medical debt is something that many people struggle to pay off. If someone has an old medical debt this can hurt their credit over the long term. If you are struggling to pay a medical debt or have done so in the past, take the first step today to clean up your credit by getting in touch with a credit repair agency. They can work with you and the billing company to clean up the transaction and get your credit report cleaned up for the future.