Saturday, 30 July 2016

Worthy winner of the nomination "SME Backbone"


Magazine “Business” ranks successful financial companies and rewards them in different nominations. Credit Agricole Bank can boast third consecutive award in nomination «SME Backbone».

They are one among TOP 5 the most advanced agrarian banks which is a significant statement for existing and potential customers. This third award one more time demonstrates the proper strategy of conducting banking affairs. Another important fact in favour of reliability and efficiency of the bank is the highest Customer Recommendation Index among Ukrainian customers.

The mission of the Bank is to provide services which will help Ukraine to develop agricultural sector. Taking into account a huge area of the country and fertile soil this goal can be achieved in the near future. Moreover, the 25 years experience in Ukraine will definitely help to do it.

More than 20 years magazine “Business” look for the best representatives of the banking, insurance and investment markets of Ukraine. All participants of the contestants represent their companies in the magazine and readers select the best ones during the month. Business owners, companies` executives, financial experts and other people with relevant competency in the sphere take part in voting process.

Credit Agricole Bank is a financial unit of Credit Agricole Group (France). It has leading positions on the European financial market. The bank offers a list of services for individuals (personal) and business clients across Europe and Ukraine. But preferable clients are agricultural business. Of course if you decide to take advantage of the bank opportunities you can get all required services and products. It’s services are not differ from other banks like Capital One (an advanced bank in the U.S.) that offers application. So, do not hesitate.

If you are interested in the bank and would like to get more detailed information call +38 044 581 07 45 or send a letter to:


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